2023 Virtual Client Software Registration (Required)


Required Information - #1 - 3
1. Local Government Name
2a. Type City/Town
County or County Department
Water & Sewer Auth. (Ch. 162A Art. 1)
Joint Regional Agency (Ch. 160A Art. 20)
Public Health Authority (Ch. 130A Art. 2)
Metro. Sewerage Dist. (Ch. 162A Art. 5)
Sanitary District (Ch. 130A Art. 2)
Housing Authority (Ch. 157)
Regional Solid Waste Management Authority (Ch. 153A Art. 22)
Vendor/Third-party administrator
2a. If Other, please specify
3. Session a) ALL (Counties, Agencies, Municipalities, Housing Authorities): Wednesday, November 29 (10:00 - 11:30 a.m.)
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4b. Email Address
4c. Department
4d. Job Title or Description
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